J Dewey Hawkins Freemason Lodge 331 F&AM Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Making Good Men Better"

J. Dewey Hawkins Lodge No. 331 serving our community one charitable act at a time.

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Is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. It is comprised of adult men (18+) of good character from every country, religion, race, age, income, education, and opinion, who believe in a Supreme Being. Its body of knowledge and system of ethics is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity.  “A System  of morality, veiled in allegory and  illustrated by symbols". 


Introduction to Freemasonry by the Grand Lodge of Florida 


A message from Benjamin Franklin



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Famous Freemasons


More than a few famous Masons were U.S. Presidents including Washington, Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Polk, Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Garfield, McKinley, Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Gerald R. Ford.

Freemasons were instrumental and participated in the American Revolution. I bet you thought they were just a bunch of old guys eating pot luck & swapping stories. Just a few MORE from that era include: Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and John Paul Jones. 

Some well known military leaders were also famous masons. These easily recognizable names include: George C. Marshall, Gen. Omar Bradley, John J. Pershing, Douglas McArthur, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Jimmy Doolittle. The fight for the Republic of Texas included fellow masons Sam Houston, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and Santa Ana. 

Many famous brothers made a good living in Hollywood such as actors John Wayne, Burl Ives, Roy Rogers, Danny Thomas, Ernest Borgnine, Red Skelton, Clark Gable, Will Rogers, Audie Murphy, and Gene Autry. Freemasons that were well known political leaders from across the world include: Winston Churchill, Edward VII, George VI, John A. MacDonald, Aaron Burr, George McGovern, Barry Goldwater, Thomas Dewey, William Jennings Bryant, and Jefferson Davis. 

Other famous and easy recognizable Masons include such names as Lewis & Clark, Charles A. Lindberg, Kit Carson, Henry Ford, Richard Byrd, Walter P. Chrysler, J.C. Penney, Ty Cobb, Jack Dempsey, and Arnold Palmer.

Famous Masonic astronauts and writers were Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin, Virgil Grissom, John Glenn, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Conan Doyle, and Oscar Wilde. 

Oh, almost forgot to mention that Harry Houdini, and Norman Vincent Peale, were both Masons.

As you can see from the assortment of names from all over the world and from all different walks of life, Masonry does attract "good men" trying to do better for the greater good. 

Freemasonry (often simplified to “Masonry”) enhances and strengthens the character of the individual man by providing opportunities for fellowship, charity, education, and leadership based on the three ancient Masonic tenets: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Because I am a Freemason, these values and aspirations are guideposts for my progress through life.

I believe that freedom of religion is an inalienable human right and tolerance an indispensable trait of human character; therefore, I will stand in my Lodge with Brothers of all faiths, creed, and ethnicity and respect their beliefs as they respect mine, and I will demonstrate the spirit of Brotherhood in all aspects of my life.

I know that charity is the distinguishing human virtue, and that personal community service is the best demonstration of one's commitment to humanity; I acknowledge that words without deeds are meaningless, and I vow to work with my Lodge to provide service to the community, and to promote charity; friendship, morality, harmony, integrity, fidelity and love.

I know that the rich tradition of Freemasonry and its framework of Ritual are important platforms for growth and learning; therefore, I vow to stand upon these platforms to improve myself as a human being, and I vow to help in the mission of the Craft to provide tools, atmosphere, challenges and motivation to help each Brother do the same.

I know that Masonry's power is best exercised when its Light is shared with the world at large; I therefore vow to bring the best of myself to my Lodge, in order that my growth might be fostered and nurtured, and to present myself to the world as a working Freemason, on the path to building a more perfect temple.

I know that education and the rational use of the mind are the keys to facing the problems of humanity; therefore, I will bring my questions and my ideas to my Lodge, and strive to advance the growth of my mind alongside my Brothers.

I know that leadership is best demonstrated by commitment to serving others; I will therefore participate in, and help work at improving individual leadership skills, and serve the Brothers of my Lodge to the best of my ability:

I know that friendship, fidelity and family are the foundations of a well-lived life; I therefore vow to be a faithful friend to my Brothers, as I expect my Lodge to respect my personal obligations, and to treat my family as though my family were their own.

I know that my obligation to community extends beyond my local sphere and is partly fulfilled in my patriotism: love of my county; obedience to its laws and celebration of the freedoms and opportunities it symbolizes.

I know that the last great lesson of Freemasonry -- the value of personal integrity and the sanctity of one's word-- is a lesson for all people in all times; I therefore vow to be a man of my word.